AL MANA ENTERPRISES CO is exclusively distributing GoGuard range of products in Qatar.
GoGuard range of products is developed to meet the demands of OEMs and General Franchised Distributors for a complementary range of top quality products that come packaged and delivered from a single source with support training and program management by people who know the automotive industry intimately and the importance of profit generation in this competitive market.

The GoGuard range is coming from some of the world's best manufacturers in the area of paint protection, air conditioning products and engine fluid treatments. The product is fully guaranteed and meets international (US and European) standards. When it comes under the heading of protecting your customer's new vehicle, GoGuard have it covered.

GoGuard Vehicle Protection System

Our protection products are designed to ensure your vehicle is kept in 'as new' physical condition. Your car stays in tip-top condition and healthy. When it comes under the heading of protecting your customer's new vehicle, GoGuard have it covered.

Advanced paint & interior protection

From a formulation that was originally developed for use in the aerospace industry the GoGuard range of advanced Paint & Interior Protection Systems have been engineered to preserve the showroom finish and extend the life of the car inside and out.

GoGuard and Interior Protection Systems have all been developed to protect the exterior and interior of the car against hazards including: UV radiation, pollution, road grime, weather extremes and interior mishaps such as food and drink spills.

GoGuard Paint and Interior Protection Systems, designed to allow drivers the peace of mind to tackle a variety of conditions with complete confidence that their vehicle still retain its showroom appearance.

Engine Treatments

AL MANA ENTERPRISES CO. is the exclusive supplier of Performa Lubricants in Qatar.
Performa Lubricants produce some of the best motor engine fluid treatment products in the world. They also produce a number of flushing machines to cover a range of vehicle fluid systems (including diesel engines) to ensure maximum efficiency of fuel, oil, coolant and hydraulic brakes.

Keep you vehicle's vital fluids in good condition

Motor Flush (Engine Flush)

Performa Motor Flush is a proprietary blend of solvents, detergents and dispersant additives that will effectively dissolve oil contaminants to aid in their removal from the engine. Motor Flush will thin out heavily-oxidized or thickened oil and break down sludge and varnish deposits which can then be drained out with the used oil.
Varnish, sludge and thickened engine oil in the crankcase and lubrication system can result in sticking hydraulic lifters, restricted lubricant supply, and partial seizure between pistons and cylinder walls, crankcase and camshaft journals and bearings. This may result in cranking overload, scoring or total seizure of the engine.
Motor Flush can be used in any vehicle with a 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder & 8 cylinder with up to a 6 liter oil capacity, inclusive of cars, 4 x 4 and small commercial trucks, product can be used in both petrol and diesel engines. Add the product to the dirty oil and run the vehicle for 10/15 minutes, drain the oil from the vehicle and contaminants are quickly and effectively flushed away.

Fuel System Service (Fuel Additive)

Performa Fuel System Service is a fuel additive which removes and prevents the formation of fuel related deposits throughout the fuel system, in turn this improves drivability and improves power and performance. Regular use will maintain the cleanliness of the intake valves and ports, intake manifold, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. Effective as a fuel stabilizer for fuel storage. Fuel System Service contains the latest generation of DCA (deposit control additive) available.

Petrol related deposits, such as gums and varnishes, will form in the fuel system, from the fuel tank to the fuel lines and fuel pump to the injectors (and carburetor float bowls and jets on older engines). These deposits can build up to the point of causing fuel flow restrictions which will result in poor engine drivability and decreased performance.

Water contamination is common in all petrol, it can be caused by water running into the fuel tank in the petrol stations or condensation in high humidity. Water is heavier than petrol and therefore naturally falls to the bottom of the tank, Performa Fuel System Service is formulated to absorb this water so that it can pass through the fuel system along with the fuel, preventing corrosion of the fuel system due to moisture. This product is safe to use in fuel injected vehicles for all emissions components such as oxygen sensor, catalytic converter and EGR valve, it contains lubricants to prevent potential wear or scoring of the fuel system components which can be caused by pure-alcohol fuel dryers. This product is can only be applied to petrol vehicles and can be added to any vehicle with a tank capacity of up to 80 L, it is recommended every 8,000 – 10,000 km in areas where fuel is poor quality.


Air Induction Service

Cleans your car’s lungs

  • Cleans & removes Carbon and contaminants from the throttle plate
  • Cleans throttle and idle air control valves
  • Cleans intake ports and valves
  • Cleans intake manifold

Valve and Injector Cleaner

Give your car a performance boost

  • Cleans and removes all contaminants from the fuel rails
  • Cleans injectors and restores injector spray patterns
  • Cleans and removes contaminants from the combustion chamber

Air Conditioning Performance Enhancers

We have three main products that can improve, in a matter of minutes, the effectiveness for vehicle air conditioning systems:

1. Cool Shot

A powerful, yet safe, synthetic catalyst that improves the performance and efficiency of any A/C or Refrigeration System.

How does it work?
Cool-Shot’s active ingredients, two synthetic catalysts, combine with superior lubricating agents, catalyse the system lubricants, improving lubricity and reducing the thermal effect on the internal walls of the evaporator and condenser coils.

Enhance the performance of any A/C system
Especially effective with older A/C systems
Delivers colder vent air faster (approx 2 - 4 C)
Minimum 20% energy saving
Reduces annual maintenance costs by approx 20%
Significantly reduces Co2 emissions

2.Pure Zone Foam

Purezone Foam safely, deeply and quickly cleanses internal air passage surfaces, including the A/C evaporator, clearing away odour-causing residuals and impurities. Designed to suit any air-conditioning system, passenger car, commercial vehicle, bus or building without the need for further equipment or dismantling. It is easy to use and fast reacting, leaving a fresh pleasant smell.

How does it work?
Each can comes with its own “Canula” (long hose attached to the nozzle) allowing deep penetration of the foam, the foam expands and touches all the surfaces dissolving dirt and impurities, the foam then turns to fluid and pulls the impurities with it, draining out through the evaporator drain holes.

Smart solution - Easy to apply
Leaves vehicle and interior smelling fresh and clean
Effective and deep cleansing action
Provides fresh clean air

3.Pure Zone Citron- Cabin Sanitizer

Anti- Bacterial Treatment for Cabin

“The air that you and your family breath inside the vehicle could be Potentially harmful. Join the many thousands of safer and healthier Drivers and passengers & protect your family”

A complete Anti-Bacterial treatment to eliminate bacteria, spores fungi from the vehicle’s cabin and A/C system airways and filter
Anti-bacterial agent penetrates headlining,seat fabric,carpets and trim
Removes unpleasant odour and smell of smoke
Leaves pleasant fresh fragrance and healthy cabin environment
Improves passenger comfort and peace of mind




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