Hüper Optik is the world leader in nano-ceramic window films. The patented technology offers solar control for automotive, commercial, residential, marine and security applications. Let us help you create the perfect window.

Reduces uncomfortable heat buildup in your car Reduces glare without reducing visibility Prevents color fading caused by UV rays.

The Smarter Choice

Hüper Optik is more than great technology. As pioneers of their field, Hüper Optik Ceramic Series Films are designed for extraordinary performance as their nano-ceramic technology does not succumb readily to corrosion or fading. This exceptional quality for durability makes them the undisputed choice of ultra durable window film products that reduce heat, UV rays, glare and fading to interior upholstery.

Hüper Optik International

Hüper Optik International Pte Ltd, was established since 1997, ushering the window film industry into a new era with the world's first and only nano-ceramic solar control films for applications in the automotive, architectural as well as marine markets.

The beginning of Hüper Optik® was more than six years of research and development with the co-operation of four major corporations and institutions namely:

  • Fraunhofer Institute (Germany)
  • Southwall Technologies Inc. (USA)
  • PSB Corporation (Singapore)
  • Novomatrix Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Hüper Optik® has obtained a worldwide patent in the nano-ceramic technology and today is exclusively represented in many countries throughout the world. In Qatar, AL MANA ENTERPRISES CO. is the exclusive distributor for Huper Optik products, which include Tinting Films & Paint Protection Films.

Hüper Optik Ceramic Series

Hüper Optik Nano Ceramic Film Facts

  • 1st Patented Nano-Ceramic Film of it’s kind
  • 3X more infra-red rejection (IRR) than dyed film
  • 25X more durable than conventional film
  • 4X less reflectance (VLR) than metal film
  • 13° cooler compared with no film

The added layers allows the X3 Ceramic series to outperform single-ply ceramics by increasing Infra-Red heat rejection and durability properties whilst lowering Visible Light Reflectance (VLR) to levels unattained by conventional ceramics.

Hüper Optik® Ceramic films are 100% metal-free, 100% dye-free and will not demetallise nor fade. Ceramics are known to be the most durable material capable of enduring the harshest environments, on land and at sea

  • Hüper Optik® Clear Ceramic series offer excellent optical clarity and visibility.
  • Utilising Nano-deposition technology to achieve a high performance solar control film with high Visible Light Transmission. It also means the films are able to reject more Infra-Red Heat than most solar control films that are of similar visible light transmission in the market.
  • With its high clarity, the Hüper Clear Ceramic series is able to offer excellent heat and Ultra Violet rejection within most regulatory limits in many countries.

Hüper Optik Traditional Series

  • Hüper Optik® Traditional Series introduces Klassisch and Klassisch Black, delivering aesthetics and affordability without compromising on heat rejection performance.
  • Hüper Optik® Klassisch & Klassisch Black Series films offer a refreshing alternative to conventional metallised window films by combining outstanding performance with a selection of sophisticated shades.
  • Klassisch Black series adds a veil of mystery with its carbon black tone to any windows, making it a favorite to many.

*VLT – Visible Light Transmission
*VLR- Visible Light Reflectance
*IRR- Infra Red Rejection
*UVR- Ultraviolet Rejection
*TSER- Total Solar Energy Rejected

Hüper Optik PPF (Paint Protection Film)

If you want to keep your car safe on the road, Huper Optik Paint Protection Film is a must. It helps defend vulnerable parts of your automobile, placing a buffer between your showroom-quality paint job and the hazards the road throws at you.

Huper Optik paint protection film works as an invisible layer of armor over your car’s finish. Our crystal-clear, energy-absorbent film is computer cut from a database of precision templates specific to your car, and then safely bonded to the vulnerable painted surfaces offering up to five years of protection. It is 100% safely removable on factory paint, and provides all of the protection you need with none of the peeling, cracking, yellowing, and blistering that can happen with other less-advanced films on the market.

Drive your car with confidence!

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